Tips for Creating a Peaceful Home for Multiple Felines

Tips for Creating a Peaceful Home for Multiple Felines

Living with multiple cats is a joy, but it can also lead to territorial battles and feline frustrations.  Don't worry, pawsitive change is possible!  By creating a multi-cat environment that caters to their individual needs, you can transform your home into a haven of harmony.

Things to Consider With Multiple Cats

There are many factors to consider when thinking of introducing a new cat into your home, all of which can contribute to whether your cats will live peacefully with one another.

  • Age: A mature resident cat may be more comfortable with an older cat rather than a playful, young kitten.
  • Personality: We recommend trying to match your two cats’ personalities as best you can. Consider the personality of the cat you’re interested in welcoming into your household and whether your cat will complement them. This will help avoid causing stress to either cat!
  • Experience: Has your resident cat got along with other cats? If so, what were their personalities like? It can be a good idea to try to mimic this relationship if it has worked in the past.

Respect the Territory

Cats are naturally territorial. Here's how to address that:

  • Vertical Space is Key: Utilize cat trees, shelves, and climbing structures to create a multi-level domain. This provides escape routes and observation points, reducing stress.
  • Litter Box Liberation: The rule of thumb is "number of cats + 1" litter boxes. Place them in quiet areas away from high traffic zones. Consider covered or open boxes depending on your cats' preferences.
  • Food and Water Stations: Multiple feeding stations scattered around the house prevent competition and promote peace at mealtimes.

Calming the Chaos

Beyond territory, address potential stressors:

  • Scratching Post Paradise: Provide ample scratching posts in different textures and locations. This redirects scratching behavior from furniture and reduces tension.
  • Interactive Playtime: Dedicate daily play sessions for each cat, or encourage them to play together with interactive toys. This releases pent-up energy and fosters bonding.
  • Feliway for the Win: Feliway diffusers release feline pheromones that promote calmness and reduce anxiety. Consider using them in high-traffic areas.

A Cat's Castle

Create personal sanctuaries for each feline:

  • Cozy Hideaways: Offer cardboard boxes, covered beds, or cat tunnels for each cat to retreat to and feel secure.
  • Window Perch Paradise: Place window perches in different rooms to allow each cat their own spot for bird watching and relaxation.

Remember: Patience is key. Introducing these changes gradually and monitoring your cats' behaviour will ensure a smooth transition to a more peaceful home for everyone (including you!).

Warning Signs When Introducing Cats

If you suspect things aren’t going as planned, here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • Avoiding each other
  • Hiding away
  • One cat blocking the other’s access to resources
  • Hissing
  • Physical fighting
  • Other stress signs, such as urine spraying, scratching, and over grooming

If you spot any signs that your cats aren’t getting along, we advise you to speak to your vet. They can check for any underlying health issues that may be contributing to any stressed behaviour. Your vet or qualified behaviourist will be able to provide an individual plan to help your feline friends live happily together.

Positive Signs That Indicate Your Cats Are Bonded Together

Introducing two cats to one another can be very stressful on the cats as well as the parent. We know that in the beginning things may not look very promising, usually whilst they’re getting to know one another. This process may take longer than you think, but the result is worth it. Signs to look out for that show your cats are getting along and are bonded together include:


  • Touching each other while they sleep
  • Grooming one another
  • Playing nicely together
  • Greeting each other nose-to-nose

Once you spot these positive signs – well done! You’ll have a harmonious household with your cats living happily together. This may happen quickly or take time: it differs from cat to cat. The key takeaway is to not rush anything. Your cats will adjust on their own timelines.

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