Where Can I Travel with My Cat? Top Destinations for Feline Adventures

Where Can I Travel with My Cat? Top Destinations for Feline Adventures

Are you tired of leaving your furry best friend behind when you hit the road? The days of solo adventures might be over. Traveling with your cat opens up a world of possibilities – it just takes some know-how.

Let's bust the myth that cats are strictly homebodies. With the right preparation and mindset, your feline companion can join you on unforgettable journeys. We'll cover everything you need to know:

  • Cat-friendly destinations: Where your kitty will feel welcome.
  • Travel prep: Essential tips for a smooth trip.
  • Keeping your cat happy: Comfort and stress-relief on the go.

Cat-friendly Destinations: Explore the World with your Feline Friend

Ready to ditch the "cat sitter blues" and embark on an adventure with your furry companion? Here's a globe-trotting list of destinations where cats receive a warm welcome:


  • Why it's purr-fect: Japan's obsession with all things cute extends to cats! You'll find cat cafes on almost every corner, parks dedicated to feline friends, and even islands overrun by adorable kitties.
  • Travel Tip: Japan has strict pet import regulations, so start planning your trip well in advance.


  • Why it's purr-fect: Canadians love their pets, and many hotels, restaurants, and even some outdoor spaces are cat-friendly. Major cities like Toronto and Vancouver have plenty to keep you and your feline entertained.
  • Don't miss: Exploring the beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, where leashed cats are often welcome.


  • Why it's purr-fect: France's relaxed attitude translates into a welcoming environment for cats. It's common to see them lounging in cafes, bookstores, and even strolling the streets of Paris.
  • Travel Tip: France has easy pet travel policies within the EU, making it a great option for European adventures with your cat.


  • Why it's purr-fect: With its abundance of parks, canals, and overall pet-friendly atmosphere, the Netherlands is a haven for traveling cats.
  • Unique experience: Check out the Poezenboot, a floating cat sanctuary on one of Amsterdam's canals.


  • Why it's purr-fect: German cities boast beautiful parks and green spaces where your leashed cat can enjoy a change of scenery. Many cafes and shops are also surprisingly pet-friendly.
  • Travel Tip: Public transportation in Germany is often pet-friendly, making it easy to get around with your feline companion.


  • Why it's purr-fect: Sweden boasts a high regard for animal welfare and is one of the most pet-friendly countries in the world. You'll find plenty of cat-friendly accommodations and outdoor areas to explore.
  • Travel Tip: Microchipping is mandatory for pets in Sweden, so ensure your cat is chipped before you travel.


  • Why it's purr-fect: While strict import regulations exist, once you've navigated those, Australia offers a wealth of cat-friendly accommodations and a laid-back attitude that welcomes pets.
  • For adventurous cats: Explore the vast outdoor spaces, but be mindful of Australia's unique wildlife. Supervised outdoor time is best.


  • Why it's purr-fect: Italy's historic cities and beautiful countryside offer a unique backdrop for a feline adventure. Many hotels and vacation rentals are happy to welcome your furry companion.
  • Cultural note: Cats roam freely in many parts of Italy, a testament to the country's love of felines.

United States

  • Why it's purr-fect: The U.S. has a growing number of cat-friendly cities, hotels, and attractions. From coastal towns to mountain retreats, there's something for every traveling duo.
  • Travel tip: Research pet-friendly accommodations and restaurants in your chosen destination to make your trip smoother.

This list is just a starting point – your travel possibilities are as limitless as your cat's sense of adventure. Do your research, consider your cat's personality, and remember that with a little planning, you and your furry friend can create unforgettable travel memories together.

Travel Prep: Essential Tips for a Smooth Trip

Getting your cat ready for travel is just as important as choosing the perfect destination. Here's how to ensure your journey is as stress-free as possible:

Vet Visit

  • Check-up: Get a pre-trip checkup to make sure your cat is healthy and up-to-date on vaccinations.
  • Health Certificate: Ask your vet for a health certificate, which might be required for travel, especially internationally.
  • Microchip: Implanting a microchip is mandatory in many countries, and strongly recommended even if it isn't.

Carrier Comfort

  • The right fit: Choose a sturdy carrier that's large enough for your cat to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably.
  • Familiar space: Start leaving the carrier out long before your trip. Put treats, toys, and cozy bedding inside to make it a positive space.
  • Practice runs: Take short car rides with your cat in the carrier to get them used to the sensation of travel.

Packing Essentials

  • Familiar food: Pack enough of their usual food and treats to last your trip. Sudden diet changes can upset their stomach.
  • Water: Bring a collapsible water bowl and fresh water, especially for car journeys.
  • Harness & leash: These are essential for safely exploring new places.
  • Comfort items: A favorite blanket or toy with familiar smells will bring comfort on the road.
  • Cleaning supplies: Accidents may happen, so have wipes, paper towels, and small plastic bags on hand.

Pro Tip: Consider using calming pheromone sprays or wipes (like Feliway) to help your cat relax during travel.

Keeping Your Cat Happy: Comfort and Stress Relief on the Go

Even the most adventurous cats can feel overwhelmed during travel. Here's how to ensure your feline companion feels safe and enjoys their journey:

Finding Their Zen

  • A quiet corner: During your stay, establish a designated "safe space" for your cat. It could be a quiet room with their carrier, bed, and familiar items to retreat to when they need a break.
  • Routine is key: Try to keep their feeding and playtime schedules as consistent as possible, even while traveling.
  • Playtime: Interactive play sessions help burn energy and reduce travel anxiety. Pack small toys they love, but also consider bringing something new to keep them engaged.

Managing Stress

  • Observe their body language: Learn to recognize signs of stress, such as wide eyes, tucked ears, or a tense body. If they seem overwhelmed, give them space and time to calm down.
  • Pheromones to the rescue: Feliway sprays or diffusers can create a calming environment, especially in new hotel rooms or rental homes.
  • Consider supplements: Ask your vet about natural calming supplements like L-theanine or Zylkene to help manage anxiety.

On-the-Go Tips

  • Car travel: Secure their carrier with a seatbelt or place it in a stable spot. Play calming music and cover part of the carrier with a light blanket for privacy.
  • Air travel: Research airline pet policies carefully. If possible, choose airlines that allow cats in the cabin with you.
  • Hydration breaks: Offer water regularly, especially during hot weather or long car rides.

Above all, have patience and be observant. Your cat will take their cues from you, so stay calm and positive, and they'll be more likely to relax and enjoy the adventure.

Time to Hit the Road with Your Feline Co-pilot!

You've got the knowledge, now it's time to turn those travel dreams into reality. Your cat is counting on you to create a safe and enjoyable experience.

Keep these key takeaways in mind as you embark on your journey:

  • Plan, plan, plan. Thorough preparation is essential for a stress-free trip.
  • Choose cat-friendly destinations. The world is your oyster!
  • Focus on comfort. A happy cat is a well-prepared cat.
  • Be patient and enjoy the ride! Traveling with your furry friend creates a bond like no other.

Speaking of comfort and creating special experiences – ChicKitty has everything you need to elevate your cat's travel adventures. From stylish carriers to cozy travel beds, we've designed products that prioritize your cat's well-being without sacrificing style. Explore our Travel collection and make every trip an unforgettable one.

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